Community Projects and Events

Community Projects and Events

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Educational Conservation Hikes

Jenman Safaris understands the importance of maintaining and nurturing the natural environment that makes Africa such a remarkable destination. Caring for the environment needs to be taught to future generations so they learn to respect and care for the environment. To assist with this teaching, Jenman Safaris is now offering educational conservation hikes. These day trips in and around Table Mountain National Park are offered to local students with a focus on environmental care and sustainability. Our day trips are guided by our experienced field guides and food, equipment and park fees are all funded by us.

The students are primarily from disadvantaged backgrounds – this means that most of the children who come on our trips have little (or no) access to this kind of experience before. Our aim is to show the younger generation the beauty of South Africa’s flora and fauna, and to teach them the importance of maintaining it for the future. Our guides educate about environmental issues that impact the growth of local vegetation, and how we can all take care of indigenous plant-life, which is a part of our heritage.

We at Jenman are committed to social change in Africa, however small these changes may be. As a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Conservation hike to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.


The children learn about the flora and fauna


Clean-up Conservation Projects

Throughout the year Jenman African Safaris swap their computers for plastic bags and join the mission to clean up our coasts and local areas from litter.

Our first of many projects was International Coastal Clean Up Day. It’s the world’s biggest initiative to clean up our coastal areas with volunteers from all around the globe. Running for over 20 years, the project gets volunteers to remove debris and rubbish from oceans, shorelines and waterways. Click here to read more about what happened on the day.

Jenman volunteers remove rubbish from local scenic areas on a regular basis – to conserve the area that various species of wildlife call their home. The clean-up initiative also works to involve local communities and educate children of the benefits of disposing of litter correctly and recycling.

Jenman Safaris at coastal cleanup


Coming together to clean our beaches


Lucky Lucy Foundation

The Lucky Lucy Foundation is a non-profit, pro-life, and pro-quality of life organisation that tries to relieve the plight of neglected and abused township and street animals. The foundation is also dedicated to the social upliftment and education of impoverished children and adults in and around Cape Town. Jenman Safaris offers support to the foundation through volunteer events, assisting with maintenance, cleaning and giving lots of much needed love and support to the animals at the shelter.

‘Giving love’ to some of the Lucky Lucy animals


Jenman at the Lucky Lucy Foundation


Jenman African Safaris Collection