About Grow Africa

About Grow Africa

Established in 2015, the Grow Africa Foundation [163-738 NPO] is the responsible tourism foundation partnered with Jenman African Safaris.

As an NPO we rely on donations and support from our partners.

Our mission is to plant and cultivate the seeds for positive growth in Africa.

  • Grow the community – Positively impact and empower local communities through sustainable upliftment initiatives.
  • Grow conservation – Partner with and support conservation groups in the areas we are in. Cultivate a passion for conservation and environmentally friendly practices in the communities we are involved with.
  • Grow the economy – support local communities, by hiring and buying locally.

We do this by supporting local communities and building environmental and cultural awareness. Much more than just philanthropy, the Grow Africa Foundation has a strategy to involve communities so that they too are part of sustainable tourism. Grow Africa has initiated and is involved in several sustainability projects in Southern Africa. We are proud of our role in impacting lasting and positive change.

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