A lizard visit’s us on safari – a surprise!

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You get all kinds of visitors in your life, some welcome while others not so. Occasionally you get one which is utterly surprising and oh so welcome. We (a group of Jenman Safaris clients and myself – the Jenman guide) had such a visitor in our camp site at Epupa Falls in northern Namibia on the banks of the Kunene River.

The Nile Monitor, Varanus Niloticus, just wondered into our camp while we were all sitting around and started to explore the area… Looking for something to eat no doubt!!

He even climbed over our dish washing equipment making sure he (and we) didn’t miss a spot. These large lizards are commonly found near water and like to feed on fish, snails, frogs, crocodile eggs, large insects and smaller snakes. They have powerful, muscular bodies with a forked tongue and sharp claws.

This was a rare treat as often when you see them they are in a rush to get away from you and you get to see very little of them. They can grow up to 2m in length; our friend was around 1.4m – a good size adult. He came by a few times during the afternoon and was completely nonchalant about our presence.

What a surprise visit on safari – and an extra treat for all the clients who got some great souvenir pictures.

Written By: ChantalJenman Safaris guide!

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