Waiting on confirmation of 18% VAT in Tanzania

With the possibility of an 18% VAT increase in Tanzania, we would like to inform all our agents that we are still waiting on official confirmation of this news by the Tanzanian Government.

As the tax increase is very high, it will, if implemented affect all tours running from 1 July 2016.

We therefore need to wait for confirmation from the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA).

In the meantime, the VAT will not be charged on all invoices that are due now (for travel in the next 45 days). However, for travel after 1 August 2016, we cannot provide final invoices until we have official information from the TRA. All invoices will continued be issued 45 days before travel and will exclude VAT until such time that it has officially been implemented. If an 18%VAT increase is implemented, we will have to amend tour prices accordingly.



Jenman African Safaris Collection