Jenman African Safaris and Grow Africa Donate Time and Tyres to Rosmead Primary School

Jenman African Safaris, through its Grow Africa Foundation, is involved with Rosmead Primary in Claremont, a government school with limited funding. School fees are only R150 a month due to the parents’ limited incomes and most of the children commute from the townships, which means, unfortunately, the school doesn’t have the budget for extras such as a well-equipped playground.

Jenman African Safaris and Grow Africa Donate Time and Tyres to Rosmead Primary School 3
Over the years we have worked towards improving this situation by building a sandpit and a jungle gym, as well as visiting regularly with volunteers who play with and read to the children. We are dedicated to letting the children experience stimulating and healthy playtime so that they can be motivated and excited to go to school and grow up happy and healthy during these formative years. The school mentioned that the children enjoyed playing with tyres and we recognized a great opportunity, as Jenman fixes and customizes safari vehicles, tyres were definitely something we had easy access to. All we needed to do was buy some paint and brushes and rope in the Jenman staff on a Friday afternoon as part of their monthly social activity.

painting tyres

The funds for the paint and brushes came from the Grow Africa Foundation. Grow Africa is the responsible tourism initiative started by Jenman African Safaris. The main focus is to make a positive impact on the environment, society and economy in the places we travel to. We do this by supporting local communities, and building environmental and cultural awareness.

Tyre Painting

The tyres were coated in primer by the workshop staff and then laid out in a row as blank canvases for the rest of Jenman staff to unleash their artistic side. Everyone jumped in with gusto, it was actually a bit of a surprise how enthusiastic everyone was – seems like, when given the opportunity, a lot of our team are in touch with their inner child. There was a lot camaraderie but also some competition, even though there was no prize for best tyre people still wanted to claim the title. Creative juices were flowing and people were able to step away from work stress and routine for a while, it was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.

Tyre Painting

The tyres will be delivered to the school for the children to use however they see fit. Children love to play with tyres by chasing them or creating obstacle courses or even as seats while they play outside. Physical activity, as well as fresh air is so important for children’s development, we’re very happy that we can contribute to Rosmead Primary in this colourful and stimulating way. Furthermore, recycling the tyres for the children to play with ensures that they don’t end up in a landfill and can rather serve a new purpose while bringing a smile to young learners’ faces. It’s all part of our company’s ethos of sustainable management and leaving a positive impact.

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