9 Beach Trips to enjoy in Madagascar


Located just off the south-eastern coast of Africa lies Madagascar – an idyllic tropical island with stretches of crystal white sandy beaches, surrounded by azure blue waters that harbour a magical underwater world. With over 80% of wildlife on the island found nowhere else on Earth, Madagascar is a unique and fascinating treat for travellers … Read More

Giant Lemur fossils found!

Remains of a Giant Lemur

Taken from CNN News, 24 March 2015 Around 5,000 years ago, the island of Madagascar would have resembled a Sci-Fi novel. Strange, prickly forests, gorilla-sized lemurs, pygmy hippopotamuses, horned crocodile and elephant birds whose eggs were 180 times the size of what you’d find in your fridge today, all called the African island home — … Read More

Choosing Madagascar over the Maldives

Woman on a beach in Madagascar

Island adventures are a worthwhile experience for everyone to have at least once in their lives. Choosing which island to visit can be difficult however. While tourist hot spots can be fun, you’re probably going to leave with the same happy snaps and travel tales as all those who’ve gone before you. This is where … Read More

Winding down on the 3-Day Chobe Package

Chobe Marina Lodge - River View

If you’re ever lucky enough to find yourself in beautiful Botswana – perhaps upon the Trans-Kalahari Lodge Explorer Tour – then you might want to consider adding Jenman’s 3-Day Chobe Package to your itinerary. With two nights spent at the gorgeous Chobe Marina Lodge, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of … Read More

Predicting The Annual Wildebeest Migration

Wildebeest Crossing the Grumeti River

One of the last natural wonders left on earth – it is a must-see! You may have seen in films those wide open plains filled with Wildebeest, but until you share the same ground they walk on; you have not experienced the Wildebeest Migration. Picture millions of animals surrounding you, or better yet, picture over … Read More

Top 10 Lodges & Camps of Madagascar

Nosy be

It has become a popular feature for modern media to create and publish top ten lists of all sorts – especially in the tourist industry. All the time, we are swamped with lists of the most beautiful beaches, the best island getaways and, of course, the best lodges. As we are already convinced that Madagascar … Read More

Exploring the Cultures of East Africa

For thousands, if not millions, of years, East Africa has been inhabited by human beings. With a rich history featuring towering kingdoms and vital trade networks, the entire East African region has been chopped and changed into the diverse area that it is today. Encompassing no less than 19 territories, there remains several common threads … Read More

Jenman’s Lodge Suggestions for 2015

Elephant's Eye, Hwange

While there are many things that factor into the decision-making process when it comes to travel, accommodation can often get overlooked. With so many of us accustomed to the run-of-the-mill hotels and guesthouses found dotted around the globe, we rarely consider how much a conscious accommodation choice can enhance our vacation experience. In order to … Read More

5 Great Mountains to Hike in Africa

Standing ontop of Kilimanjaro

When it comes to vacations, often the most rewarding experiences can be those that allow you to go back to your life after having accomplished something. While this ‘something’ can range from wanting to help those less fortunate than ourselves or tracking wildlife in some far off land, hiking mountains is certainly a noble pursuit … Read More

Disneyland in Africa


What do you think when you hear the word Disney? Is it Mickey Mouse? A film? A ride you once took? Or a story you once heard? Whatever the thought is, I’m pretty sure it’s a happy one. I’m also sure, however, that it did not include Victoria Falls, or Zimbabwe! That is because up … Read More

Getting Spiritual at Christmas

Church of Lalibela

With the Festive Season in full swing, we can often ignore that there are other ways to spend this special time than cuddled around the Christmas tree with our loved ones. If you’re brave enough, however, then the month of December can also be the perfect time to go on an adventure into the unknown, … Read More

Are you in Cape Town over the Festive Season?

VnA Waterfront

If so, the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront (V&A for short) will be hosting a couple of wonderful events for you to partake in: 1. Watershed Christmas Market for adults and children The V&A Watershed is an upmarket warehouse filled with 150 small businesses that showcase to visitors the incredible depth and creativity the African people … Read More

Lose Track of Time Hopping Along Islands

Beaches of Zanzibar

Sometimes the demands of everyday life can leave you feeling run down as you juggle a hundred “top priorities”. With the end of 2014 in sight, it’s the perfect time to take a moment and breathe, as you prepare for the final push towards the calm that 2015 will bring. Despite our best intentions and … Read More

5 of the Most Romantic Places in Africa

Romantic Couple

When it comes to wooing your sweetheart or planning a romantic experience, we believe that love should not be limited by geography. In fact, finding yourself on a trip somewhere exciting, away from the normal hustle and bustle of everyday life, is even more reason to grab the proverbial bull by the horns and get … Read More